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Thailand Pocket WiFi Rental

Roaming Man Singapore Pocket Wifi Rental Service in Thailand for $5/Day. Get your pocket wifi today!
$5.00 /day

Are you looking for a wifi egg for your trip to Thailand?

Roaming Man SG offers fast and reliable wifi connection for your trip to Thailand. We are at the cutting edge of tech. Instead of sim cards, we use Cloud Sim Technology.

What is the benefit of Cloud Sim Technology?

Cloud Sim means that you don't have to buy sim cards to install into your device. Everything is programmed into the device and we can do troubleshooting remotely if you have any issues. Gone are the days where you have to buy several sim cards in case one network is slow and you have to switch the cards to connect to a different network. With Roaming Man pocket wifi, you only need to restart the device and it will scan for and connect to the fastest network available.

Isn't that convenient?

Internet coverage in Thailand

You can refer to this page to find out about the different coverage areas of 4g and 3g in Thailand. Thailand has very good 4g coverage for the most part, but even if there is no 4g coverage, our device can also scan for 3g coverage to get the best connection for your trip.

Thailand Internet Security

The Thai government passed some laws a while back that restricted internet access to some  content on the web that it deems unsuitable for its citizens. As such, it has garnered attention from cyber activists who fight against censorship of the internet. There have been cases of handphones and other mobile devices being hacked while using public wifi. As such you'll need a good VPN to use public wifi. Or if you use our Cloud Sim service, it's already encrypted and secured by default.


Thailand is a wonderful country with amazing culture and even better food. The last thing you want to worry about once you're there is your internet connection. Let us handle that part, while you enjoy your stay and have fast, reliable, and secure internet when you need it.

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