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These Bars Are Kyoto's Best Kept Secret

2018 / 10 / 22 255

Japan: Nightlife Spots of Kyoto


Probably one of the more historical prefectures of the Kansai region, Kyoto remains one of the most visited cities of the world to date. From breathtaking sceneries of the countryside to the urbane bustles of the city, there is something for everyone.


While there are plenty of attractions during the day, the city in itself comes alive when the sun goes down. Here are some places of interest you could visit before calling it a day:


1. Kurakura Restaurant


Just a 4-minute walk from the Kyoto station lies this hidden gem amongst the many Izakaya-styled eateries. Kurakura opens their doors to all would-be diners after 5pm local time, making it a great stop for dinner or supper. As you go through their menu, you can also relish in its tranquil ambience. The many reviews from both locals and visitors alike are testaments to their care in ensuring utmost quality in both their food and service.

2. Beer Komachi


For the beer connoisseurs, Beer Komachi is the one place to really savour their collection of beers while munching on some good eats. From bottles to taps, it has a host of beers that might be familiar to the general consensus while also having specialties like their green tea IPA that will surely give your taste buds a reason to celebrate.

3. Bar Fishbowl


If hard liquor is more of your thing, Bar Fishbowl should be right up your alley. Located at the 7th floor of the Empire building, it has the typical atmosphere of a cosy bar made cosier with their attentive and helpful staff. Their selection of whiskey will have your head spin, as well as their other varieties of liquor. And if you are in the mood for something a little more sweet, they have an impressive list of cocktails based on your liquor of choice.

4. Shishin Samurai Restaurant


Shishin Samurai is a themed-based restaurant and bar that lets you take in its rustically-inspired ambience while enjoying a feast of culinary proportion that reflect the Samurai heritage of Japan located within a 5-minute walk from the Karasume Oike subway station. With each dish served, the staff pleasantly describes the history and philosophy behind the dishes in its aim to promote cultural exchange and peace. Good food, a warm welcome, and its surreal aesthetics, what more could you ask for?

5. Pig and Whistle


Located just outside of the Sanjo train station, Pig & Whistle is a British-themed pub for when you are in the mood to throw some darts and enjoy a pint with friends. It doubles up as a sports bar and is no stranger to having broadcasts of current sporting events around the world, all in an English atmosphere.


6. Sake Bar Yoramu


This little respite from the bustles of the city is a place for sake lovers and those trying them for the first time with its wide range of sakes to choose from. More than just a place to drink, you will also be greeted by its knowledgeable bartender to entertain you will recommending you a sake that fits your taste.


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