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3 Best Places to Explore Batik In Malaysia

2018 / 08 / 23 717

Malaysia: Getting Acquainted with the Art of Batik

Part of what makes Malaysian heritage so vibrant is its legacy of beautiful    textile artistry in the form of batik. Dating back to the 1960s, batik has    encapsulated the art of floral motifs onto its fabric canvases, and has    served as a staple fashion statement amongst the locals found mostly in    formal or national events. More than just wearables, the art can also be    seen depicted on various surfaces. From home adornments to trinkets, the    art is brought to life through the marriage of abstract novelties with    rustic inspiration.

Should you fancy an experience in learning the beautiful art of batik    creation or just add to your list of souvenirs, be sure to include these    places into your itinerary during your next visit to Kuala Lumpur.

1. Jadi Batek


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Located at the heart of the city, Jadi Batek is one of the largest batik    and handicrafts centre with an impressive collection of batik goods.

In addition to browsing the assortment of crafts available, there are live    demonstrations of the batik creation when you drop by for a visit at their    centre. And should you find yourself interested in picking up the art, you    can schedule a session to learn and create your very own work of batik from    experienced batik artisans.

More details available    here.

2. My Batek


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Just a little away from the heart of the city centre lies myBatik, a    creative escapade by the expert batik artist, Emilia Tan. Her dream of    sharing the art with fellow enthusiasts gave birth to the initiative    through a series of workshops dedicated to make you fall in love with the    beauty of batik. Placing care in both the craft and her guests, a café    within the premise is available throughout the workshop should you need a    bite or a drink.

Beyond the workshops, there are also itineraries catered for group outings    and team-building sessions. And for those who would prefer to minimise    their travels to and from the centre throughout the course of their    session, home stay services are also available.

Fancy a visit? You can learn more about it    here.

3. The Batik Boutique


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The premise of Batik Boutique is more than just a place that showcases fine    batik designs and textile goods, it is the successful realisation of a    social enterprise concept to quell poverty while preserving the heritage of    batik artistry. With their gallery located at Sri Hartamas, browse through    their catalogue of batik textile and goods, handcrafted with care and    detail by the repertoire of artisans trained in the masterful techniques of    batik design and Shibori.

Additionally, you can also engage them for workshops that cater to    individuals as well as groups or events to learn and create your very own    batik or Shibori masterpieces.

Explore further on what The Batik Boutique has in store    here.

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