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Hong Kong Travel Tips: Get the Most Out of Your Stay

2018 / 10 / 23 221

Hong Kong: A Respite Full of Surprises


Be it a short stay or an elaborate vacation, a trip to Hong Kong is more than just a layover city. Do not let the premise of an island fool you, it is chucked filled with attractions that will keep you busy.

    Pick the right season that fits your travel plans

Visiting the island during the right time of the year would make all the difference in planning your trip's itinerary. The island is subjected to subtropical climate and is generally humid throughout the year with the exception of typhoon season which falls between May and September. For something on a cooler side, plan a visit anytime from October to December. It is worth noting that it gets pretty chilly during winter which spans from December to February, so be sure to pack a jacket and dress warmly. With the lack of snow or frost during the winter season, it is a great time for shopping enthusiasts as the island gets truly festive during Christmas as well as the Lunar New Year.

    Cutting out the hassle of getting around


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In the bustling island of Hong Kong, getting from one place to another can be overwhelming with attractions right around every corner. The general rule of thumb is to avoid busy neighbourhoods during the weekends and most of the tourist concentrated spots. For example, avoid the crowd during rush hours when planning a ride on the Star Ferry, or visit the Avenue of the Stars during off-peak hours. While Lan Kwai Fong is known for a bustling night life, the street may get a little rowdy for those who are not into the night life scene.

As for transportation, there are plenty of ways of getting around. While you may be tempted to grab an Uber or call for a local cab, you do not have to shy away from an experience with their mini buses. Not only will these trips be easy on your wallet, they give you ample of opportunity to take in the local sights and ambience.

    Try out more eats than just the dim sum


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Hong Kong is a haven of culinary proportion, and an epitome of the culmination of Chinese cuisine. While they are universally famous for dim sum, foodies and connoisseurs will be in for a treat exploring the local eateries. For those feeling a little adventurous, be sure to give their Cooked Food Centres a try for an authentic taste of their local flavours.

    Get the most out of your shopping experience


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While the trinkets and knickknacks found at street markets may look like a great idea for souvenirs, it is best not to splurge on them. For urbanites that fashion the malls as their playground, Hong Kong offers a variety of shopping outlets carrying the best of brands from both the East and the West, and is one of the largest shopping hubs in the region. More than just the shopping malls, do lookout for hidden gems and other fine goods in the local stores.

    There is more to explore when you go off the tourist's path


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The central island in itself is already a powerhouse of attraction, but there are more to discover in its neighbouring islands. Take a trip to Lantau Island, home to Hong Kong's Disneyland, or head up to the Po Lin Monastery atop the mountains and witness the famous Tian Tan Buddha statue. Another point of interest is Cheung Chai, an island just 10 kilometres southwest of the main island for a change of scene from the bustling city life of Hong Kong.

    Last but not least:

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