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Affordable Hotels in Chengdu China

2018 / 09 / 12 669

China: Hotels And Lodgings Within Chengdu

Chengdu is more than just a hub for international trades, but a great    destination for a vacation should you find yourself exploring the expanse    of the culturally-rich China.

Check out this list on some of the best hotels available in Chengdu before    you decide to check in:

Rhombus Park Aura Chengdu Hotel


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Defined itself as a hip hotel, Rhombus Park Aura Chengdu Hotel fits in with    its urbane surroundings, strategically located within walking distance from    the Taikoo Li complex and Chunxi shopping district. Should you need to    travel beyond the city centre, the Metro Line 2 and 3 subway stations are    conveniently located within the vicinity.

Hotel Zen Urban Resort


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For a change of scene and pace, Hotel Zen Urban Resort offers a serene    escape from the hustles and bustles of the city. True to its name, the    rooms offer guests the cosiness of a suburban home with the privacy to    match. The ambience further boast of its zen-ness with authentic Chinese    arts and scriptures found in the rooms and hallways. While the resort does    not come with its own pool or a spa centre, its ambience more than makes up    for a getaway stay in the suburban part of Chengdu.

BuddhaZen Hotel


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The BuddhaZen Hotel is a respite from the busier sites and scenes of    Chengdu. Tucked away in the Qingyang District, it is located near the    Buddhist temple, Wenshu Monastery. Its serene disposition is perpetuated    further by its rustic architecture, making it the perfect stay for    backpackers and single travellers.

Tibet Hotel

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As the name would imply, the Tibet Hotel is a thematic ensemble located    within the Jinniu District. From its distinctive decoration to savouring    local Tibetan cuisine, you will fall in love with its charming atmosphere.    If the warm hospitality is not enough to tide you over, their host of    facilities would more than make you feel welcomed. Plus, you get to watch a    cultural Tibetan singing and dancing performance at the lobby every weekday    evenings!

Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel


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In general consensus, boutique hotels are considered an affordable    alternatives for lodging during travels. But in the case of the Diaoyutai    Boutique Hotel, guests will be in for a world of surprise. Located within    the historically preserved area of Kuan Zhai Alley, the boutique hotel    takes in its local heritage while accentuating a classy yet contemporary    atmosphere within its walls.

Chengdu Great Rain Hotel


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When it comes to an affordable stay within the city that could rival any    classifieds on AirBNB, the Chengdu Great Rain Hotel does justice in    delivering a great price point for its modest yet satisfactory    accommodations.

Jinjiang Hotel


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Located downtown of Chengdu’s busiest hub, the Jinjiang Hotel carries with    it all the crux of urban accommodation. From vacationers to businessmen,    and even the occasional celebrities, the hotel has pride itself to see to    their guests regardless of their agenda. Its host of facilities such as    meeting rooms, dedicated bars, ample parking lots and business centres make    this an ideal space for company getaways or business trips.

Never miss another moment to share your adventures while in Chengdu when    you bring along your very own portable wifi.

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