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6 Places In Busan You Don't Want to Miss

2018 / 07 / 23 943

Korea: Iconic Places of Busan

The general pace of Busan may differ from that of Seoul, but it offers a    splendour of attractions for those who prefer a more picturesque getaway to    South Korea’s second most visited city.

As you begin to populate your plans for a trip to this beautiful    metropolitan city, here are some great spots to check out:

1. Jagalchi Fish Market


A haven for seafood lovers, the Jagalchi Fish Market houses an impressive    display of the daily fresh catch brought over from the local piers and    harbour. In addition to shopping at the market, you can also have them    prepared and cooked on the spot for you on the floor located above the    market.

2. Gamcheon Culture Village


This lovely location makes for a great visit for those who love    exploration, sightseeing as well as memorialising them in pictures.    Gamcheon Culture Village is a tight-knit town that comes alive with their    brightly painted structures of colourful murals and other quirks that    brings out the vibrance of this cultural hub. More than just admiring its    eccentricity, it also has plenty of activities and souvenir-worthy shopping    to do as you explore the streets.

3. Taejongdae Park


Like the many sites and sights of Busan, Taejongdae is another testament to    Busan’s serene landscape. This natural park is a scenic spot to really take    in the ambience of nature, yet filled with activities and places of    interest to keep you occupied for the rest of the day. From enjoying the    breathtaking view of the open sea atop the lighthouse or at the observatory    to exploring the Gumyeong Temple, every inch of the park is filled with    something that will capture your attention.

4. Haedong Yonggung Temple


What makes Haedong Yonggung Temple uniquely different from the rest in    Busan is mainly due to its location. Tucked in the coast of Gijang-gun, the    Buddhist temple is set on the coast that faces the East Sea. Along with its    breathtaking view, you will feel a sense of peace on the temple’s ground    lulled away by the monks’ chanting. Also, the scenic backdrop combined with    the statues and architecture of the temple makes for great photo    opportunities.

5. Haeundae Beach


Probably one of Busan’s main attraction, there is never a dull moment to    visit the Haeundae Beach as there are plenty of events that take place    all-year round. Take a stroll along the 1.5km stretch and you will find    plenty of things to do. From savouring food from the stalls and    restaurants, to spectating some of the street performances, the beach is    buzzing during the day. And during the night when it gets a lot quieter,    you can enjoy the evening breeze amidst its moonlit view of the sea.

6. BIFF Square


Last but definitely not least, the BIFF Square is best known as the    inaugural location for its eponymous event, the Busan International Film    Festival. Tucked in the shopping district of Nampong-dong, the place is a    must visit even if it is not coinciding with the film festival event as it    is Busan’s hub for shopping, but mostly its collection of street food.

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