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How Cloud Sim Technology is changing the way we travel

2018 / 06 / 07 666

Anyone who has travelled abroad would be all too familiar with the problem of getting a reliable internet connection. Previously there were only two options:

  1. Activate data roaming from the phone service carrier

  2. Buy local sim card

The problem with data roaming is that they charge exorbitant costs for the data. There are horror stories of people coming home to thousands of dollars in bills just for a few days of internet usage. The terms are unclear and are usually written in very fine print and in a language nobody really understands.

Local sim cards are the alternative because it's cheaper and you have more control over the usage. Just top up the credits if you want to use more internet. The problem with sim cards however is that not all carriers have the same connection strength in all locations.

Carrier A might be really fast in major cities but when you go outside into the suburbs or hiking into the woods, Carrier B might have better coverage.

The obvious solution is to have two or three sim cards and you'll have to change the cards depending on the location and how strong your connection is.

Needless to say, this is quite a hassle. Is there an in between solution for this?

How Cloud Sim Technology Works

Fortunately, there is. Ucloudlink's Cloud Sim Technology makes use of cloud infrastructure to eliminate the need for multiple sim cards. The device connects to a database of sim cards that are stored in the cloud, so the amount of sims that can be used is virtually unlimited.


Using this method, you can have access to more than one sim card but just using one device. For example, if carrier A was working good but you changed location to a more remote place and it's not working anymore, simply restart the device. The device will then scan for and connect to the fastest available connection in the database. Maybe it's carrier B, carrier C, or whoever. You don't have to have the sim card on hand, it's all done virtually via cloud computing.

What are other features of the device?

The U2 device was built specifically for travellers in mind:

- Lightweight 151 grams

- Can be connected to 5 devices

- 12 hours battery life

- Services covers 138+ countries

- Maximum range/distance for the WiFi is around 10 metres

To experience the power of Cloud Sim technology combined with the state-of-the-art U2 device, visit the following link to book our wifi rental packages:

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