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Why Roaming Man WiFi

2017 / 11 / 07 1202

The RoamingMan Wi-Fi Hotspot is a very useful and compact tool to have with you on your travels. RoamingMan offers a portable global Wi-Fi hotspot service in more than 100 countries and regions, and even better, there’s no SIM card to set up, or bulky cables to carry around with you. Of course, the main reason to use any kind of hotspot device would be to save on those pesky (read: extortionate) roaming fees that carrier networks add if your phone or device is detected on an overseas network. Free roaming Wi-Fi should be enough to convince you to use a hotspot device, but why should you use the RoamingMan Wi-Fi Hotspot specifically?

Why you need to travel with RoamingMan

RoamingMan really does have something for every type of traveller. RoamingMan 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot works with any device that has Wi-Fi enabled, so whether you always travel with a laptop, or whether you like to keep it light and just carry a tablet or smartphone, RoamingMan’s free roaming Wi-Fi will work for you. If you like to travel alone then perfect! More Wi-Fi for you! However, if you’re travelling with a partner or a group of friends, RoamingMan lets you connect up to 5 different devices simultaneously; which makes posting that perfect Instagram picture, or Skyping friends easier than ever.

Often while travelling you’ll be out and about, away from a stable source of electricity. For travellers who prefer a nomadic, wanderlust style of travel this may seem ideal to be cut off from technology; but with the rise in travel blogging and social media, many people want to document their travels with pictures or blog posts. And this is where RoamingMan comes in.

Long lasting convenience

The RoamingMan Wi-Fi hotspot can run continuously for 15 hours, or should you need it, it can also act as a power bank. Boasting a 6000 mAh battery, it is able to charge a standard smartphone more than 3 times, so you never have to go without. Still, if you aren’t interested in having constant Wi-Fi access while you’re out and about, having a way to charge your phone or device in an emergency is an advantage all of its own. If you’re in a beautiful park in Paris or walking the streets or Rome, accepting a call or listening to a voicemail can cost you in roaming fees, so RoamingMan’s free roaming Wi-Fi really can save you a lot of time and stress when you should be enjoying your trip.

RoamingMan Wi-Fi Hotspot also boasts 4G high speed connections, with up to 150mbps download speeds and 50mbps upload speeds, so whether you want to post a new blog post, Skype with family back home, or just check Facebook, you can enjoy unlimited global data wherever you are. At the moment, the device only ships within the US, but they’ll soon be rolling out their devices in Singapore too.

The RoamingMan Wi-Fi Hotspot really is a great all-rounder for travellers, and chances are it has at least one feature which appeals to you, whether it’s the ease of having constant and portable Wi-Fi, the ability to connect multiple devices, or unlimited global data; you can get it all from a device that fits in your pocket.  

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