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Global 119 WiFi Rental

Global WiFi in all 119 countries and regions for just $16/day.
$16.00 /day

Global WiFi in all 119 countries and regions for just $16/day.

Roaming Man Pocket Wifi Key Feature:

-500MB daily data capped at 4G speed, then speed will be throttled down to 384kbps at unlimited 3G speed
-Connect to the fastest 4G network in town

-Wifi hotspot connect up to 5 device
-Wifi activation time follow Singapore GMT +8.00 time zone
-Battery life up to 12 hour

Asia 33 Countries/Regions:Vietnam、South Korea、Singpore、Qatar、Saudi Arabia、Japan、Israel、India、Cambodia、Indonesia、Sri Lanka、UAE、Thailand、Malaysia、Philippines、Jordan、China Mainland、Hongkong China、Macao China、Taiwan China、Laos、Nepal、Balin、Bangladesh、Mongolia、Kazakhstan、Pakistan、Yemen、Myanmar、Kuwait、Tajikistan、Oman、Brunei

Oceania 3 Countries: Australia、New Zealand、 Fiji

South America 9 Countries:Colombia、Argentina、 Brazil、Peru、Chili、Ecuador、Bolivia、Uruguay、Venezuela

North America 12 Countries/Regions:America(not include Guam&Saipan)、Guam、Saipan、Mexico、Canada、Panama、Costa Rica、Dominican Republic、Guatemala、Nicaragua、 Puerto Rico、El Salvador

Africa 13 Countries:Morocco、Tunisia、Kenya、South Africa、Eygpt、Mauritius、Tanzania、Ghana、Angola、Algeria、Nigeria、Zambia、Western Sahara

Europe 49 Countreies:Sweden、Finland、R omania、Luxembourg、Germany、

Slovakia、 Czech Republic、Ireland、Belgium、Norway、Poland、Denmark、Albania、Slovenia、Vatican、Italy、Malta、 Turkey、  United Kingdom、 Greece、Croatia、Monaco、Portugal、 Netherlands、Switzerland、Spain、Liechtenstein、Iceland、

Russia、France、Austria、Hungary、San Marino、Cyprus、Ukraine、Bulgaria、Latvia、Estonia、Lithuania、Land Islands、Serbia、 Macedonia、 Republic of Montenegro、  Bosnia and Herzegovina、Guernsey、Jersey Island、Isle of Man、Gibraltar、 Andorra 

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